pomiar konstrukcyjnyThe Ultrasonic Method is one of the volumetric methods, the radiographic method alike. It enables the testing of the structures made of ferritic, austenitic steels, aluminium, magnesium, copper, copper alloys, lead, nickel, composite materials and even wood and ceramic materials.This method is applicable to test facilities subject to various processing and joining systems:

  • rolling
  • forging
  • casting
  • welding
  • bonding
  • gluing
  • soldering

This method is best for detecting the most dangerous inside discontinuities in materials as well as surface and subsurface ones. It allows for specifying the types of flaws, their sizes and exact location in the tested component. The ultrasonic testing of components provides fast information, no harmful effects to health, lower price than those for radiographic tests. These advantages have made the ultrasonic examination replace the radiographic tests in various industry fields.