It is difficult to imagine any area of industry without the welding process. Production lines in factories, silos in agricultural processing plants or steel tanks in dairies are usually constructed by joining smaller components together. Once assembly is complete, it is also extremely important to check that the job has been done correctly. All this is done to guarantee a properly functioning solution. One of the basic inspection processes is the weld testing. You can have this type of task carried out by experts from our company. We offer comprehensive implementation of tasks using non-destructive methods, which we carry out using specialised equipment.


Non-destructive testing of welds enables material discontinuities in structures to be detected. The great advantage of performing this type of inspection is the precision and detail of the test results. Thanks to them, potential defects can be pinpointed and, importantly, as the name suggests,
no damage is caused to the tested component during the test. Non-destructive methods of weld testing include:

  • visual testing (VT),
  • ultrasonic testing,
  • radiographic testing,
  • magnetic particle testing.

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