We are a company that specializes in conducting non-destructive testing of steel structures throughout Poland. Our aim is to check the quality and strength of metals and welded joints using many NDT methods. Our laboratory's flagship is the highest level of our services with particular attention to the most important values such as quality, punctuality and above all safety. We have experienced NDT technical staff and modern certified equipment. We try to constantly develop our range of services to meet the demanding market requirements.



Our company employs a carefully selected team of specialists, which is characterized not only by many years of practice in the field of non-destructive testing but also by experience in many industrial branches. Our NDT operators are certified in accordance with ISO 9712, both in the second and third degree. Many of them work with the use of industrial mountaineering. Our welding engineers hold international EWE and IWE certificates. We are flexible and open to the Client's suggestions, ready to work in any area from either land, water or air. At the Client's request, we also work at night and on holidays throughout the country.

We invite for cooperation!

Draco Laboratorium badań nieniszczących


Non-destructive testing of welded, forged, rolled or cast structures

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Our services are characterized by high quality, supported by numerous recognition of Classification Societies


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