konstrukcja metalowaThe frequent question is whether a given structure, e.g. a bridge, tower, berth or industrial building is still able to work in the condition it is in with no hazard to the surrounding. This issue can be solved with a help of the complete assessment method, referred to as ATCS - Assessment of Technical Condition of Structures. It involves a profound analysis of the actual state of a structure made on the basis of numerous non-destructive or destructive tests, measurements and engineering calculations. The analysis itself makes only part of the ATCS. It is followed by thorough guidelines as to what is happening to the given structure, what are the reasons for the current condition as well as by the decision on what is to be done to make the structure meeting the expectations of its owner or the statutory requirements. The subsequent steps are only possible after this ATCS has been completed.The right assessment of the technical condition of a structure depends on the engineer’s experience and burdens them with great responsibility, but if carried out correctly can protect the structure against ultimate loss of properties, reduce the owner’s expenses and prevent people from casualties in particular.