Our Laboratory helps to ensure the safety of work during the operation of the facility. The NDT offered for welded, forged, rolled and cast structures enable the detection, location and elimination of any discontinuities. In accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards and Classification Societies which the construction site is subject to, in DRACO we also look for unacceptable defects which may have already occurred during production, e.g. machinery.

NDT of the structure is also to check whether the object is suitable for further operation, e.g. in case of failure or justified concerns about its condition. The assessment of the technical condition is also carried out after the expiry of the operation period described in the Construction Law or before the planned change of its purpose. We then check for any cracks, delamination or corrosive thickness loss. Both the NDT of machinery and structures is needed to obtain the necessary measurements and to receive the statistical results to issue a decision on their condition. We make sure that the condition of the object ( machinery) allows for its further operation, and also what is the probability of certainty. We also make forecasts regarding its durability. Expertise is also essential in determining the requirements for restoring the operational capacity of a given object.

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